Fitness to Work

Fitness to work assessments can assist your company to manage employees with capability to work concerns. Employees may report to their company that they have a problem with their health which is causing difficulties in their ability to perform their normal job role or when there are health issues which may create safety issues in the course of their work.

If an employee is not suitable for the work they do, then there is the risk of future ill health and absence with all the additional costs these place on a business. And that’s without considering the knock on effects on insurance premiums and potential litigation.

Pegasus Occupational Health can meet with the employee on a confidential basis and independently discuss the effect their health may have on their ability to perform their role or conversely the potential effect their role may impact on their health. Whether an employee wants to return to work after sick leave, is claiming that she or he is too sick to work or you do not believe they are well enough to continue  to work, we can help.

Pegasus Occupational Health Fitness to work assessments involves:

  • Assessment of an individual's physical and mental capabilities, past and present health conditions and medications and employment risks
  • Assessment of the work the employee will be undertaking including job risks

Pegasus Occupational Health independent advice includes:

  • An opinion of the employee's fitness to perform their normal hours and duties at the time of the assessment
  • Advice with regard to reasonable adjustments that the company may wish to consider to facilitate an employee's early return to work or maintain gainful employment
  • An opinion as to whether it is likely that the courts would see the health condition fall under health and safety or disability legislation

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